In the coming future, one thing is certainly going to happen and that’s that phones are going to assume a much smarter “avatar” than they exhibit now. With increasing virtual smartness or intelligence, a lot is going to get revolutionized!In fact many experts believe that ultra hi-tech phones would have the ability to replace laptops and desktops (though such a phone may be a little larger in size). Big players in the electronic sector are going to play upon the “value added services” being provided to their consumers.

Who knows, in future phones might alert you of the dangerous surroundings? Phone will act as a proactive notifier, informing you all about the people and places around you. This would surely add value to the “nincompoop device”, as many anti-technology scholars call it. But it would be better if phones do this in the most understated manner or it would ruin our chance to hang out, entertain, work, shop, watch a movie, or just grab a coffee/tea.

This would commodify the location of the consumers. Location would become center of everything, in fact, it may be juxtaposed with many new elements to give a quality experience to the consumers. In reality, location is just one part of the context of the phone users. Existence includes a number of major and minor elements. But since phone is something an individual always keeps with himself, phone will have the potential to become a device that knows where you go, whom you meet, whom you talk to, how much you travel and blab bla bla….

At such a time it would be ideal to have services based on “milieu” and these may perhaps be called “Personalized Milieu Services” , which would inform you, if you desire, about the nearest and cheapest place to eat/shop/drink coffee.

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