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Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times every year. Google’s major algorithm updates such as Google Panda and Google Penguin affects search results in significant ways. Penguin 2.0 affected 2.3% of English-US queries, according to Google which is very low number but according to algorithms roll out it was the third largest. Penguin 2.0 had impact on web traffic of thousands of websites that is reported 90% reductions in traffic which halted online revenues and crippled businesses. Talking about penguin is quite confusing. Have a look on history of Penguin updates by using most widely accepted numbering system by Google.

Penguin 1- 24 April, 2012: This important algorithm change is the biggest in Google’s history that will decrease the website rankings which are violating Google’s quality guidelines. This algorithm change is the successful step to reduce web spam and promote high quality content.

Penguin 1.1- 25 May, 2012: This update is not an actual change to existing algorithm. It affects less than 0.1% English searches. This algorithm update just refreshes the data within the existing algorithm.

Penguin 1.2- 5 October, 2012: This algorithm update is another part of Google’s ongoing battle to remove shallow content from search rankings to provide users quality content. The min practices targeted by penguin are keyword stuffing, paid links and low quality links.

Penguin 2.0- 22 May, 2013: This penguin web spam algorithm impacted 2.1% of English queries. Penguin 2.0 targeted on links coming from poor quality sites, paid links and links over optimized by anchor text. This update algorithm drop rankings of gaming sites, adult site and the sites without good SEO foundation.

Penguin 2.1- 4 October, 2013: This algorithm impacted 1% of search queries. Many webmasters and websites were completely destroyed by this update. Some recovered and are back in their business, while others lose their businesses.

Penguin 3.0- 15 August, 2014: Penguin 3.0 is designed to find spammy sites that appears at top of search results. It affects 2% of English search queries. Penguin3.0 is going to build success of previous campaigns by strengthening and pushing the boundaries to rid rankings of website using over optimized anchors and unnatural linking.

How could Penguin 3.0 affect website?

It’s important to stay up with the trend of linking a site “naturally”. If your website has number of inbound links for exact anchor texts and it hasn’t been identified by Google, then there is a string possibility that the next update will hit your website. You should either remove or disavow all unnatural inbound links to your website in order to prevent your site.

Buying low quality backlinks may lead to penalty. Many businesses receive unsolicited e-mails offering low quality backlinks for sale. The best option is to either delete or block these messages as they may give you short term benefits but ultimately they will lead to penalty or a drop in rankings. In the past suspicious backlinks have been targeted and in certain s they will be targeted again next time.

Protect your website from Penguin 3.0

Determine whether your website has been affected by Penguin or not. Use a Penguin Penalty Checker Tool which compares web traffic to penguin roll out dates. If your website is impacted by Penguin, traffic drop syncs up with a roll out.

It’s time to perform link audit to be sure that backlinks in your profile follow Google webmaster guidelines, to verify if your website is impacted by Penguin 3.0.

Some quick tips:

  1. If you have paid links in your profile then purge them
  2. If you have done offshore link building services and automated link building, your website is still at risk.
  3. Focus on past penalty marketing activities that conform to webmaster guidelines.
  4. Disavow spammy links if your link profile is clean before the next Penguin algorithm update

Once you sanitized your backlink profile, now you need to end bad practices that worked well in the past.

If you are under penalty, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for another penguin update to get your traffic back. You should spent time and resources by replacing the bad links with good one to generate traffic that does not require Google organic search.


Avoiding Penguin 3.0 is just like avoiding penalty. To ensure that your profile is clean, check it regularly. By performing above mentioned practices will help you to clean up your website even if you think you aren’t at risk. For more information please contact us at biz@netgains.org

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