• 16 Jun 0

    5 Inklings to optimize search engine content to keep it user interactive

    In SEO Services

    Yesterday at lunch while a short conversation with my colleague who is from Netgains Development Team (involved in SEO implementation), we were debating over the topic of the day “Content writing v.s SEO”. After the end of the discussion I felt I need to write about this for my other fellow developers. So conventionally when […]

  • 17 May 0

    Track your Social and Business Network

    In Social Media Optimization

    Track your Social and Business Network Social and Business networking are showing the power of their tremendous ROI and emerging as a new platform that works as mouth to mouth platform. Growth of Social and Business network attracted the marketers to define the social & business network goals & track where we are at achieving […]

  • 18 Apr 0

    SEO War: Google Vs Bing

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    The war between the search engines and their SEO strategies continues! However, this time, it has only grown intense with Microsoft’s new search engine release, Bing. Although released just over a year ago, Bing has successfully managed to power itself with 30% of the market share by following a few strategies. The search engine followed […]

  • 12 Apr 0

    SEO techniques for programmers

    In SEO Services

    There is no doubt about that SEO plays the critical role in success and failure of any business on Internet world and it is one of the most influential driving force of Online Business. We decided to pen down some basic but important SEO techniques & facts for programmers so they can help SEO team […]

  • 21 Mar 0

    Get socially connected through Linkedin

    In Social Media Optimization

    SOCIAL NETWORKING, Social networking and some more social networking… 2010 was the year of social network and no doubt 2011 will also love to be dominated by social networks. We all are highly emphasized on being socially connected and giving valuable two-three or more hours on social networking websites such as twitter, facebook, foursquare and […]

  • 23 Feb 0

    Simple 7 steps for your successful Smart Phone (iPhone, Android, Windows & Blackberry App) Application

    In Android App Development, iPad App Development, iPhone App Development, Mobile Development, Windows App Development

    This is my first blog post for our official website netgains.org and I am really excited to see how visitor takes my debut post, whether I can be able to meet their expectations or get clean bold, let’s see how much I can connect with our visitors. As being in business development department I go […]

  • 2 Feb 0

    Corporate Business Power Point Presentations PPT

    In Graphic Design, PPT Presentation

    If you Fancy a eye-catching corporate Professional Power Point for your corporate business then look no further… www.netgains.org will deliver best presentation design graphics for your PPT fancy enough to hold the attention of your corporate audience and business deals, convey desired message across all audience. We promise an awe-inspiring focus driven visuals SAMPLE PRESENTATION: […]

  • 28 Dec 0

    How to setup your Webmail Help Guide

    In Business

    How to setup your Webmail – Help Guide Please follow the link http://www.your-domain-name.com:2095/: or http://webmail.your-domain-name.com/ You will see following page: Now enter your email ID and password and click LOGIN: After clicking on LOGIN button you will enter to this page: You can open your mail Inbox by clicking any one of these Read mail […]

  • 15 Dec 0

    How to Optimize your website Performance on Internet

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    Too often as developers, we ignore a crucial last step before launching a website: optimizing for performance. Most developers now recognize that organized, valid code ensures maintainability and compatibility. Just as preparing our code to be read by other developers is important, so is preparing our code to be read by browsers. Great web development […]

  • 15 Sep 0

    Want to start business with your Smartphone?

    In Business

    You’re out of work. The job listings are thin. You have no money to start your own business. Maybe you don’t even have a computer to assist in conducting a proper job search. Rest easy, we’re here to help. We’ve scoured the earth for ten solid business ideas–endeavors that you can mostly start up with […]