• 15 May 0

    How to Use iPhone Apps for Social Networking and Developing Community

    In iPhone App Development, Mobile Development

    The Craze of Social networking sties is increasing day by day. It’s becoming a main source of communication with your friends and relative. Having conversation on networking sites like facebook and twitter started out as a trend in new generation, but now with the change of time online businesses are taking the advantages of this […]

  • 14 May 1

    What is a Robots.txt file and How to Create it?

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    A robot.txt file is an instructional text document which tells a Bot not to crawl and index particular pages (directories, folders, subdomains etc.) listed on that document. Although all robots would respect this command, some spammers might ignore any such instruction and access restricted documents. Hence it is advisable to keep your confidential information password […]

  • 9 May 1

    What is Link Juice & How it Flows

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    In SEO jargon, link juice would be the authority that one website passes to the other. Link juice is a colloquial term in the SEO world that refers to the power or equity passed to a site via links from external or internal sources. This power is interpreted as a vote of recommendation toward your site […]

  • 2 May 1

    Benefits of PPC Campaign for Online Presence

    In Internet Marketing, PPC Services

    PPC stands for pay per click and it is an online method of marketing your business and services. The PPC services involve advertising of products and business through the internet. PPC enables you to generate traffic and earn money online. In PPC campaign you have to pay only when a visitor clicks on your advertisement […]

  • 30 Apr 0

    How To Create a Custom 404 Page

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    A user usually sees a 404 page when they try to visit a page which is not available. It can be due to a broken link, the page has been deleted, moved or modified, or either the user has typed a wrong URL. In all the cases, it gives the viewer a very bad user […]

  • 26 Apr 1

    Drupal- Multiple Views Using CSS

    In Drupal Development

    The video shows an advantage of Drupal that provides options to the visitors by using CSS so that you can able to display content in two ways depending on the choice of visitor. This tutorial is about how to style a view based on class and to change the look of view using two classes […]

  • 25 Apr 3

    What Is A Landing Page And How Is It Used?

    In Internet Marketing, Landing Page

    Landing page is a web page where visitor arrive by clicking on a search result. To increase the effectiveness of the advertisements landing pages should be linked to social media sites. The main purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors to customers. Landing pages are used for different purposes like pay per click/marketing […]

  • 23 Apr 0

    What’s the Difference between White HAT And Black Hat SEO

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    White HAT SEO and Black HAT SEO are familiar terms in the SEO industry. And if you have been reading SEO lately you must have come across these terms. But before I move forward to explaining these both, allow me to throw some light about their coinage and concept. It was back in 2002 when […]

  • 22 Apr 0

    A spectre is haunting the Internet – the spectre of Tyranny

    In Business

    If President Obama has his way the keys to the Internet will be handed over to some form of foreign entity. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers aka Icann was founded by the US government in 1998. Icann controls and sets the policy for the Internet making sure it remains free and connecting users […]

  • 22 Apr 3

    What is Parallax Scrolling Web Design

    In Parallax Design, Web Design

    You must have read about “Parallax” in Physics which is displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. And when web designers mixed this “Parallax” effect with HTML5 and CSS3 we got Parallax scrolling web design. It is a peculiar scrolling technique wherein background images move slower than […]