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Hope u have enjoyed my previous articles “Guidelines for optimal usage of Social & Business networking media” and

I believe you had read another articles too for the same which increase your basket for optimizing social media.In previous articles i shared information what to do in social media like:

  • Continous updating of your content
  • Keep your visitors Engage
  • Keep your eye on conversations & many more.

Those are the basics steps for social media strategy, but they are not enough for social media profile in terms of SEO.

Most of these social networking sites require some essential ingredients & you need to feed these ingredients to your social media profile. Below you will find some tips which should be kept in mind when you creating your profile & provide you the right track to your search optimization for your social media.

Facebook Fan Page

Choose your brand name .i.e. “SEO Title”-Name you provide to your profile/Fan Page. You should know what title you should go with so that it reflects your brand. One should keep in mind that one’s branding is more important than keywords ranking, particularly when you looking for inbound marketing. E.g. if I am searching for shoes on FB, I will search with brand name like “PUMA SHOES” not with keywords like “ BEST SHOES”. Here I mean you need to make it extremely clear that this profile is your brand. So select your Brand name cautiously, because once you created your title on Facebook Fan Page and if you got more than 100 fans you can’t change your title.

Smartly play with your

Meta description: Meta

description explains

about you. You can

describe here about your brand at this place. To edit your information to make a great Meta Description,

go to your page and Edit

Page > Basic Info,and fill in the About field with a 140 character description. Here you can add keywords about what your company provides

For LinkedIn:

For SEO title, don’t include keywords in your Name for LinkedIn profile because LinkedIn terms & services doesn’t support much this practice. Be hold on with your brand name. Moreover don’t forget to use your brand name for your profile image because LinkedIn use your name as ALT tag for your image as well.

As we cannot neglect the power of keywords too, so be ready to use your keywords in your job profile. LinkedIn provides fields like past and current job positions where you can include keywords smartly. E.g if I need to include keywords as a developer I will include: web-development, CMS, Ecommerce web-developer at XYZ company.

According to the Linked Influence program by Lewis Howes, you can use following fields to fit your keywords

  • Your Professional Headline
  • Summary
  • Specialties
  • SkillsFor Twitter

    :For SEO Title, you can add keywords while you giving title to your name. Because under the profile settings, your name and your username are the title tags.

In this same as a LinkedIn, you should use your brand name for your profile image because twitter use your name as ALT tag for your image as well.

I hope these few points can bring fruits to your work.

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