You may have perceived that the craze of mobile is increasing day by day. Almost every person have cell phones. And they are utilizing them to get Internet more than ever. Cell phones have become the key of internet access point.

What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is one that use to browser Internet services, from a mobile device, such as a Smartphone or tablet. Mobile website is different from a regular site in a few ways. Sites that are mobile friendly offer a superior user experience, which prompts longer engagement times and greater customer Satisfaction.

Why you need a Mobile Optimized Website?

It’s one thing to have your site load properly on user mobile phone, yet most of the sites were not intended to be seen on the little screens of a cell phone. This effects in a disappointing knowledge for user and that’s why mobile website development is need. Sites that open into cell phone are NOT a mobile websites. A mobile website that is composed particularly for mobiles is a mobile optimized website. Users want their experience on site by their cell phone to be in the same as their desktop experience.

Consider this:

  • 60% of users think a mobile website should load in 3 seconds or less
  • 71% of users think a mobile website should load as fast as a desktop website
  • 78% of users retry a website two times or less if it does not load Properly

A Bad Mobile Website Can Cost You Customers

It’s hard enough to get traffic to your site on a normal day. You invest time and vitality to convey more customers through your virtual doors. Make sure users have a great experience once they visit to your site. A poorly designed mobile website may cost you money. This is the reason you require a mobile website:

  • 57% people not recommend a business with a poor mobile website
  • 40% turn to YOUR competitors after a bad mobile site experience
  • 23% adults have reviled at their cell phone when a site doesn’t work

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