1 19 Apr, 2014
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If your business does not currently have any Mobile presence and now you are planning to establish it for your business or association. One of the first contemplation that probably strike in your mind will be whether to make a mobile app or a mobile website or maybe both. Mobile website and mobile applications can turn very much alike toward first-look and determining which is most suited to your needs will rely on various variables, including target visitor, your budget, proposed reason and required featured.

What’s the Difference Between a Mobile Website and an App?

Although Mobile phone websites and mobile apps both are used on same media like Smartphone or tablet, still there is a huge difference between the two.

A mobile website is simply a website that display information from your main website in a way that is mobile user friendly. Mobile websites are particularly composed for mobiles to give a better experience to user. Unlike mobile app there is no need to download or install the app to visit mobile websites.

A mobile App is a software that is developed to work on a particular Smartphone’s like iPhone, blackberry, Android and windows to run a specific set of functions. Before using an app you need to download and install it to your mobile phone. You can download mobile app from online app stores such as Google play store, iPhone app store and OVI store etc.

What’s better – a Mobile Application or a Mobile Website?

Regarding the matter of choosing whether to create a mobile application or a portable site, the most suitable decision truly relies on upon your final objectives. If you are going to create a game than app is a best option for you. But if your goals to offer versatile content to your user than you should go with mobile friendly website.

In the end, a mobile phones website should be as your first venture in creating a mobile web presence. Once you achieved your first step, think big and make an application that satisfy the need which can’t be successfully achieved via web browser.

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