0 19 Jan, 2012
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Thousands of websites, including some of the most popular, went dark yesterday to protest SOPA act, a bill which is designed to thwart copyright infringement but that Web experts warn could threaten the functionality of the Internet.

Encyclopedia giant Wikipedia, popular news-sharing site reddit, browser pioneer Mozilla, photo-sharing favorite Twitpic and even ICanHazCheezburger.com are blocking access to content throughout Wednesday, symbolizing what the bill may allow content creators to do to sites they accuse of copyright infringement. Other websites, including Google, are expressing solidarity with the protests by featuring anti-SOPA content on home pages.

Below you can see which provided information or some informational links explaining about anti-SOPA’s Issues. Some of went completely Dark, some went partially, and some showed links regarding the same

Few sites which went dark Today due to SOPA

Dark Links Available Partially down
Wikipedia Google Firefox
Craiglist CrativeCommans CopyBlogger
Reddit WordPress Daily Kos
Internet Archive RackSpace
Boing Boing

We can see how many & how vital websites went to dark just to support Anti-SOPA act. So, is it right to say if SOPA bill pass, it can kill internet?

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