9 21 Aug, 2015
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WordPress 4.3 is the major released this year with some great new features that you should try by updating your site and fix many issues. WordPress 4.3 is named as “Billie” in honor of jazz singer Billie Holiday. The latest WordPress 4.3 version introduces new features for both developers as well as website administrators, with secure password improvements. In this version, the strong passwords generate automatically when admin create a new account. There is a strength meter that informs user whether they are setting strong or weak passwords. In case user choose a weak password they have to check box for the confirmation of weak password.

Customizing Menus: – In WordPress 4.3, one can easily edit, create and manage menus from the customizers by simply click on Appearance>>Customize and then click on menu tab. There is still an old way to add navigation menus but WordPress 4.3 make the process of editing simple and fast for users.

Favicon Feature: – Users had to add favicons manually by using different plugins as there was no option to add favicon or site icon. With WordPress 4.3 one can add favicon from admin panel easily.

Suggest Strong Passwords Automatically: – While requesting passwords, WordPress 4.3 automatically suggest a strong password in password reset field. The main purpose of this feature is to improve password security so that site will be secure and information will not be disclosed to any third party.

Enhancement of Visual Editor: – WordPress 4.3 make it easy to format content by introducing inline shortcuts that format text as you type automatically. You can see instant changes you applied in the editor. Some of them are Using * or – will start an unordered list, Using # will transform into h1, ## for h2, ### for h3 and so on.

Improvements on Mobile Device: – WordPress 4.3 provides a better user experience on mobile devices by improve the list views of WordPress posts, media and comments.

In order to protect your WordPress accounts, WordPress 4.3 stop sending clear text passwords to the users. Furthermore, the links you receive to rest passwords will be valid for 24 hours only. To get more information about WordPress latest updates or WordPress Maintenance Packages you can drop an email to biz@netgains.org.

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