20 2 Mar, 2016
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Google has recently introduced a new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages (a.k.a AMP). Google had previously plans to do so and finally rolled out this update recently. In the post below, we will try to give you as much insight on Accelerated Mobile Pages (a.k.a AMP) which will answer some of the questions like “What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?”, “What are the Benefits of AMP?”, “Do I need to update anything on my website to make it AMP Compatible?”.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Accelerated Mobile Pages are basically designed to provide a great user experience on mobile. The framework is based on AMP HTML, which is a new dynamic and open framework which allows to build easy, accessible and customized web pages with faster loading speed for web pages. The AMP Project has four key areas on which every publisher or company needs to focus, if they really want to earn revenue through advertising or subscriptions.

AMP Key Areas Are:

  • Advertising
  • Analytics
  • Subscriptions
  • Content Format & Innovation

What are the benefits of AMP?

  1. With the help of tools and functionalities, this AMP project will give full control over ad placements, view ability and measurement for a better user experience to mobile users.
  2. AMP project open source approach allows publishers to have more control and focus on great content for great user experience by reducing the effort of content distribution.
  3. The AMP has inbuilt native support for Google Analytics and Google will also analyze the AMP traffic as regular web pages which clearly means that faster loading pages will get more page views and users, which means users will see more ads as a result.

Also early last year, Google had rolled out their ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm which already explains that Google is considering the mobile web page load speed and made it as a major factor in ranking a website. Now the google has taken one more step forward with their new Accelerated Mobile Pages project to enhance the mobile web experience for better user engagement and retention. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages project also affect the SERP and provide benefit to publishers in organic mobile search rankings because of webpage speed and mobile-friendliness.

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Do I need to update anything on my website to make it AMP Compatible?

You can update the HTML for your website and also need to add an AMP tag insertion of your website. Sample Example given below

AMP HTML Documents

  • start with the doctype <!doctype html>.
  • contain a top-level <html ⚡> tag (<html amp> is accepted as well).
  • contain <head> and <body> tags (They are optional in HTML).
  • contain a <link rel="canonical" href="$SOME_URL" /> tag inside their head that points to the regular HTML version of the AMP HTML document or to itself if no such HTML version exists.
  • contain a <meta charset="utf-8"> tag as the first child of their head tag.
  • contain a <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,minimum-scale=1"> tag inside their head tag. It’s also recommend to include initial-scale=1 (1).
  • contain a <script async src="https://cdn.ampproject.org/v0.js"></script> tag inside their head tag.
  • contain the AMP boilerplate code in their head tag.

(1) width=device-width,minimum-scale=1 is required to ensure GPU rasterization is enabled.

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