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“I wish if someone steal my idea and develop a application which I love or give me $30k so I can get this build” these are the words that I heard from one of my colleague some days ago, while we are having lunch and seeded one discussion which bring some good, bad and really worse idea poured right on our dining table. I picked some good one from there and will give you short glimpse of ideas. In this blog post I am covering the Idea which came in my colleague’s mind.


The idea behind this application is to find the same interest people/friends/family/client; and let each other know when other will be really nearby to them, to meet, to discuss, to enjoy the company and become friends or business partners. It look like pretty easy application with single motive of finding the same interest people and give them opportunity to meet them when they are nearby to him.

How this idea incepted?

This is the story of last Jan when our CEO is in USA and some clients from UK were also in USA but they can’t meet because both were unknown of this fact; we missed the opportunity to meet those clients and built the strong trust on our business. This thing really stroked my mind and I started envisioning the solution which can remind me when I’ll be near to my friend/clients etc.

Key Ingredient of Application

Social/Business Network: – Social Network/Business Network will work as oxygen for this application and help it to grow. Three most popular web platforms for social and business networking are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, these platform can provide us details of what user is doing, what they like to do, where they are and where they will be and our system will do some match making of what they like to do, where they are and where they will be with goal of letting the people same interest people meet.

How this application will work?

This will be very simple, need to follow the below steps (hey not 15-20 steps)

1. Sign In with twitter/Facebook and Linkedin or create new account.

2. Define where are you?, what are you doing?, what you like to do? and where you will be?

3. Synchronize your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account with APP and as if any user post any status or tweet which start with #i, task and location with * then app will send push notification to same interest people.

4. You can define that your friends, family members, colleagues etc can see your current interest or not.

5. Your activity will show to person who is having the same location and like to do same activities and user will have option to share this with his/her friends/relative or someone else.

Why this application should get taste of success?

1. Find same interest friends/people

2. Find where are your friends and family member

3. Know when VC will be nearby to you

4. Meet with client

5. Become a scheduler for face 2 face meeting

These are some reasons which I and my colleague found but there can be hundreds or even thousands of other reason to help this application to grow.

If you liked this idea and want more concise details please drop us a email sam@netgains.org and we will talk to you and describe how this idea will work 🙂

I am waiting…….

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