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How to setup your Webmail – Help Guide

Please follow the link http://www.your-domain-name.com:2095/: or http://webmail.your-domain-name.com/

You will see following page:

Now enter your email ID and password and click LOGIN:

After clicking on LOGIN button you will enter to this page:

You can open your mail Inbox by clicking any one of these Read mail using link:

You can use these links to Change your password, forwarding your mail, add auto responder,

configure mail client, set email delivery route and email filtering:

Click on change password icon and enter your new password:


Click on Forwarding Option and than click of Add Forwarder:

Click on Auto Responder and than click of Add Auto Responder:

Click on Configure Mail Client and than select an application:

Click on Email Delivery Route and than add email address :

Click on Email Filtering and than add, edit and test email filters:

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