Back in 2013, Google had issued a warning for all webmasters related to widgets links which are against its guidelines. Google shared that “Widgets can enhance any website experience but on the other hand, some widgets contains unnatural low-quality keyword-rich links which can impinge the website experience which is harmful for website’s health and considered as violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines.”

Unnatural links are the ones which are built into a widget, and automatically placed on a site without getting into the knowledge of the website’s owner. These often contain keyword rich anchor text as well.

Question: How to tackle this issue?

You can easily resolve this issue of unnatural/unwanted links by making sure they don’t pass PageRank. In order to resolve this issue either you can add rel=”nofollow” attribute on the widget links or remove the links entirely. After fixing or removing these unnatural links from your site, you have to submit a reconsideration request from Google Webmaster search console. Once the request has been reviewed, the webmaster will get a notification about whether the reconsideration request is successful or not.

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