19 3 Jun, 2016
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Google has just launched new testing tool to check website speed on desktop and mobile with additional mobile friendliness features which tells about the extent of website friendliness for mobile users. This tools helps small business to check their website’s experience on mobile.

The new tool comprised of following features:

  • Will show all three score (desktop speed, mobile speed and mobile friendliness) on single screen.
  • Will provide a option to email your report with your team.
  • Google scores website between 0 to 100 on the basis of how friendly a website is.

Below are the new things which are added in this tool

  • Mobile friendly: It tells about the quality of the experience that customers have while browsing any website on their phones. To make any website more mobile friendly, it must have tappable buttons making it easier to navigate for small screen.
  • Mobile Speed: It tells about how long a website takes to load on mobile devices.
  • Desktop Speed: This shows how long a website takes to load on desktop computers. The speed is depend on the element of the website which leads to it rather than internet connection.

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