Google Search Console is collection free tools offered by Google that helps website owners, webmasters, web marketers and SEO professionals to monitor and maintain website performance in the Google search Result.

Few weeks ago Google released a beta version of new Search Console experience for selected users. But now this is available for all users of Search Console, so that everyone can explore this simplified process of optimizing a website’s presence on Google Search.

Some Amazing Features of new Search Console are:

Search Performance Report: The new Search Performance Report is very much similar to the Search Analytics report, but with access to data of 16 months. The report enables all search console users to see clicks, impressions, CTR and average position. You can also filter the report by web, image or video search results, and segment by query, page, country or device type.

Google Search Console

Index Coverage Report: The updated Index Coverage Report covers how well Google in indexing your site. It shows  comprehensive report of correctly indexed URLs, warnings about potential issues, and reasons why Google isn’t indexing some URLs.

Google Search Console Indexing

AMP Status Report: The Updated AMP status report gives errors and warnings around your AMP URLs. It shows all your list URLs that have issues. After resolving that issues you can simply request Search Console to validate a fix across multiple pages, and Google will again process those with a higher priority.

Google Search Console AMP

Job Posting Report : When you post a new job listing on the website, you will be able to get the new job posting report. The report shows statistics, indexing issues, and solutions related to your job listing results.

Google Search Console Job Posting

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