Google Cloud Platform (GCP) vs Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a hot topic of discussion among various experts these days. There are lot of theories and facts describing various pros and cons on both these cloud platforms. We have decided to put our understanding below with some fact finding so you can decide which platform is better for your application deployment.

  • Age: From the experience and age, AWS is clearly the big brother of GCP both in terms of infrastructure and scalable network but the little bro GCP is catching up fast.
  • Services: One of major differences among two is the services being offered by each. From services point of view AWS is clear winner as the quality and quantity is extremely broad and wide which build huge set opportunities for many needs. On the other hand GCP product’s list is quite small which are based on classic IaaS and PaaS services. One areas in which Google wins is Big Data which allows an individual to analyze massive amount of data in short interval of time.
  • Pricing:  In the huge competitive market of cloud vendor there has been a great cuts in pricing which is providing benefit to the customers. From pricing point of view GCP clearly wins the race as Google cloud services are billed to the minute whereas AWS services are billed by hours.
  • Reliability: Both companies have been investing heavily in the infrastructure to provide the most reliable and secure cloud service possible, I would say they both tie on this.
  • Performance: As far as performance is concerned both GCP and AWS are slight difference in performance. But when in comes to job execution these shows identical functionality.

In this market of cloud computing, public cloud comparisons lead to one main conclusion: the customer will be going to continue opt of that services which will be reliable with price cuts, expanded services and offerings with faster service and security.

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