In 2009, Google crawl tweets but this was cut in 2011. Now in 2015, Google and Twitter is planning to make tweets available in Google search results so Twitter’s CEO (Dick Costolo) is going to give Google an immediate access of Twitters’ livestream and providing users all valuable information in SERPs. This will help Twitter to grow in terms of daily activities and also very beneficial for searchers as they can acquire tweets from search results immediately. It will be a great advantage to businesses and publishers as they can access content easily.

Important for users and businesses:

Google has made level of interaction for users and monetizing tweets by adding them to search results. In this way the users will monetize micro-blogging their blogs. Google have a chance to gain advantage from the popularity of hashtags by adding hashtags in search algorithm resulting huge traffic. Also Google have to use Twitters’ hashtag for advertising so that audience want ads that suits them. On the other hand, Google make it easier for businesses to spread brand awareness and content also go viral and it allows companies to research how well-mentioned their brand is on Twitter.

How to make your Tweets SEO friendly?

The deal between Google and Twitter provides promotion to twitter and a wealth of live stream of every tweet but what might it mean for SEO? Here are quick tips for SEO content that can apply to 140 characters:

  • Use Keywords for Google and users: Use your primary keywords in your tweet once but if you want to use your primary keywords more than once then try to use related keywords and synonyms as much as possible because using one keyword multiple times may consider as keyword stuffing.
  • Include links and images: Use links in your tweet by scaling it down to bite-sized tweets. Users like images and consider it as a precious character that means Google also like images. Images provides approx. 35% boost and encourage retweets. Google display images in search engine result pages that can make your tweet stand out on Google’s SERP.

Boost up Twitter Authority:

Engage Audience: If you are not doing then it’s time to dedicate some part of your daily routine by participating in social activities like tweet unique and fresh content, retweet good tweets, follow new users and thank them who retweet your content.

Promote Profile: Promote your profile by adding a text link or blue bird twitter icon everywhere- on landing page, your website, email footer that encourage people to follow you. Boosting up twitter authority is very important as Google only select those tweets that involve twitter clout rating.

At the end of the day, the deal between Google and twitter make everybody smiling as businesses and users will get benefits. For more information send us email at

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