0 27 Mar, 2012
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Google, after re-branding its Android market to Google Play, now working hard to boost user interest in. The Web giant has put Google Play to its black navigation bar, making sandwiching it between Maps and YouTube. And to make sure to get users’ attention, Google has highlighted the Play button with red “NEW” tag with it (shown below in image).

Google re-branded the Android Market as Google Play earlier this month, attempting to make it a one-stop shop for apps for: e-books, music, and videos. Not only they embed this Play section, they also gives Google’s black bar more of an entertainment by putting sections into the “More” category, which houses older or lower-priority services, such as Blogger, Google Finance, Google Videos and even Google Wallet.

Google Play is having a basket of more than 450,000 apps n number of songs and number of apps to play, books and ebook readers app to read and movies to play. This is not the first time google has embedded into its navigation bar, previously google incorporated social networking site Google+ to its bar. With these continues updating of new features let’s wait and see whats going to be new feather in googles’ cap.

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