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Gmail Calling Service

10 March 1876, Alexander Graham Bell transmits speech “Mr. Watson, come here! I want to see you!” using a liquid transmitter as described in Gray’s caveat, and an electromagnetic receiver. This is the origin of telephones—one of the most important intentions in 20th century, or in human being’s history.

With the high-speed development of internet, the way in which people make calls are through a significant change. Skype, a software application that allows users to make voice and video calls and chats over the Internet, in 2010, 663 million registered users were using skype as their communication tool to make calls to their friends or families all over the world.

Calling online industry is a piece of fat meat that hasn’t been carved up too much yet, but those who have a long-term strategic vision won’t be asleep at the key switch. Google, as a matter of course, wants to compete for a piece of the big cake. Gmail Calling Service, is the strong weapon Google launched and expanded recently.

Look at the picture; you know that little green phone icon in your Gmail chat column? Ever tried it?

Google back in 2010 introduced a call phones from Gmail feature in the United States which allowed Google Mail users to use their computer’s microphone and speakers to make calls for free to the US and Canada, and for a low rate to other supported countries.

The Official Blog of Google declaimed that, ‘Google is always trying to make it easier for people to connect, whether that means sending an email, chatting or video chatting, you can reach the people you care about from right inside Gmail.’

Google launched the service making it possible to call any mobile phone or landline in the United States directly from Gmail. Calls to the U.S. or Canada placed within those countries will “continue to be free at least for the rest of 2011.” So you have no excuse not to call your mom often. Calls to the U.S. or Canada placed from outside these countries will be charged “the insanely low rate” (those are Google’s words) of $0.01 per minute (or €0.01, £0.01, C$0.01 per minute).

“With today’s announcement, we also have ensured that the product offers better quality with echo cancellation, better sound quality and noise reduction,” says Vincent Paquet, group product manager, in an emailed interview with Venture Beat. “Call quality is a must-have and people should not have to think about it.”

Google doesn’t see Skype and other calling services as competition. Rather, it says this service is an extension of the existing communication services the company offers.

We reached out to Skype for comment.

“Skype is the world’s only real-time communications tool that can connect everyone, everywhere and on any device,” says a Skype spokesperson. “It’s cross platform support means that it can connect people who are on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, your home HDTV or even while surfing Facebook. This makes its reach truly global and its value truly wonderful and useful.”

Speaking of useful, starting today you can also purchase Gmail calling credit in four currencies: Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars. Google doesn’t charge connection fees, and it has reduced calling rates to 150 locations. It now costs $0.10 (or €0.08) per minute to call mobile phones in the U.K., France or Germany (landlines are $0.02/min), $0.15/minute to call mobile phones in Mexico and $0.02/min to call any phone number in China and India. The complete list is available on Google’s rates page.

Although this service is not completely available in India, but , we are quite sure it gonna launch a new revolution and battle in communication industry, hope to use this toll to contact our Netgains clients in the foreseeable future. If you have any good ideas, please leave a comment below and share your suggestions with us.





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