SOCIAL NETWORKING, Social networking and some more social networking… 2010 was the year of social network and no doubt 2011 will also love to be dominated by social networks. We all are highly emphasized on being socially connected and giving valuable two-three or more hours on social networking websites such as twitter, facebook, foursquare and many more. So I took a deep dive and came out to exhale the following once I surfaced back up..

Waiting for Socially Connected

Whenever we go through the High Lanes of Social Society on internet, every time we find big roundabout with large advertisement hoarding of social websites but the two major attracts us most are the Twitter & Facebook. So we can say these two social are giant for anyone to be noticeable to the online community.

But in the search for this, we have also found one good and very interesting platform to drill down your way to business networking followed by social networking.

Ever heard about … Linkedin?

If you have account on linkedin then you have almost entered into good social interface and if you have good number of contacts then you are half way to get socially connected. These are the 3 simple way to get connected socially by Linkedin.

  1. Get socially connected with your linkedin contacts

    If you are having more than 100 direct member in your account that mean you would be have at least 2,500 professional in your network. You can get your Network Statistics

    Linkedin Stats, Linkedin Statistics Netgains

    1. Send the direct message to everyone to get connected on Facebook and Twitter (Try to send personal messages to everyone, we all love it. If you want to follow up regarding the proposal or thanking for payment or you have anything you want to say him, say now with this message, this will give him strong reason to connect with you socially).
    2. Set your status intelligently – Set your status as you are really waiting to get connected with them.
  2. Using Groups Discussions

    As I joined the multiple groups on linkedin, I found one interesting discussion on some linkedin groups, there user are invited to post their social network link so other user can follow, like and make friends on social network especially Facebook & Twitter and you are not going to believe that these discussion most of the time have over 1000 comments even groups easily passed 4000 comments.

    Groups that can connect you socially

    Social Media Today
    Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Salon
    Digital Marketing
  3. Ohh you are really interesting, Lets’ Connect

    When you see in your update that someone has posted something interested then don’t stay back, go ahead and like, ask him to connect with me on social platform too. This thing will not only attract the person who actually posted but your comment will be available to all in his network.

Are you efficiently socially Connected?

When your Facebook Friend list and Fan list or Twitter Follower list are growing positively then you really need to check every month that you connected efficiently or just increased the numbers. If your 10%-20% of the contacts can be future clients or the person who can help you to achieve the goal then you are efficiently connected

Successfully Connected, Social Media Marketing

I am efficiently Socially Connected

If you are still finding some problem to get the ROI, please try some simple steps that can connect you efficiently connect on Social Platform

  1. Fix the time to be Socially Connected– I would suggest if you are small business owner you shouldn’t give more then 2-3 hours to social networks but try to give your best in these 2-3 hours.
  2. Don’t run behind numbers – I found many companies and individual having more than 5,000 Followers, 10,000 Fans and all of the sudden all of us try to catch them and increase our Fan base. small company owner sometime try to get these numbers blindly. My dear friend’s numbers aren’t important if you have 100 followers and many among them are being following you just for increasing numbers.
  3. Categories your connections on Social Network – Categorise the 3 Powers (Friend, Followers and Fans)
    1. Hot Perspective Clients – They are one who can be soon your client
    2. Warm Clients – They can be your client if you try to convince them
    3. Cold Clients – Really hard to find some business from him but they can link to the person who can be your client.
  4. Try to post interesting, fresh and related to your business – This means you know your business well and having fresh idea you will attract likely minded people on table and more people will get attracted to you.
  5. Its’ time to be little personal but avoid over personal – Post some personal trips pictures, official trip pictures, crack jokes, do some fun.


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