Netgains is proud to announce the launch of an amazing Educational Gamification Android App for children/kids below the age of 10. The sole purpose of this app is to enhance speaking and learning skills in children.

This multi-level educational app has 3 stages namely for Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced kids depending upon age of children. Each program (Beginners, Intermediate, Advance stages) is further divided into Lessons and Levels for complete understanding of each topic. In the beginning of each level there is a introduction quiz to judge how much a student knows about a topic prior to the beginning of the level. After every level there is a custom quiz to judge the leaning and improvement of the child.

There are 8 different templates of quizzes, which are managed by the custom dashboard created in custom CI engine in LAMP Stack. Admin can enter every level, lesson, question and quiz from dashboard. Teacher can increase or decrease level of game based on student performance.

In the terms of designing and development we have designed custom characters for this app and every screen layout. To play the game offline, we have used Raspberry pi where in there is a master app of the game to sync the data and progress of app.

Below are some top features we have used to create this amazing Kids Educational App: –

  • Created Custom Dashboard in Codeigniter
  • App supported by latest version of Android i.e. Nougat 7.0.
  • Used Raspberry Pi for using the app offline
  • Target Reports for teachers to review child’s performance
  • End of End App development (including interactive back-end)
  • Custom Game design
  • Designed Custom Cartoon Characters

Please preview our custom work in designing and development for this app below

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