Social Media , refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. Social Media are media for social interaction, as a super-set beyond Social communication ,but mainly still communicating just interactively using ubiquitously accessible and scalable communication techniques.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to social media to spread the word about their burgeoning businesses. Including Netgains , check this out: Netgains @Facebook , Netgains @Twitter , Netgains @LinkedIn .

Although that’s a great thing, there’s a rookie mistake we see businesses make over and over again that kills your credibility and stymies their growth.

So, what Is Overpromotion!

A lot of small business owners have a tough time selling themselves. They don’t want to sound like a used car salesman who is constantly peddling the latest deal on the lot.

Although this might seem counter-intuitive, sending out a steady stream of discounts, deals and offers does nothing but hurt you. We’re not going to say you should never promote your business. What we are saying is that promotion shouldn’t be the only thing you say through social channels.

Why? People don’t like to be sold to!

Think about it. It’s why we fast forward through TV ads with our DVR and unsubscribe from businesses that send us too many sales emails. Although we buy from people and businesses every day, we want to do it on our terms. We want to buy from people and businesses that we know, like and trust. So, how do you become someone that people want to do business with?

Here are a few suggestions on how to get your Social Media started From Netgains:

1.Talk like a human being.

Believe it or not, human beings like to talk to other human beings. So, quit sending out robotic sales messages. Be real. Be yourself. It’s amazing what a difference that makes.

2. Start a conversation.

The whole point of social media is to be SOCIAL. But, for some reason, that seems to get lost in all the hoopla. Ask questions and strike up a conversation with someone you want to get to know. And don’t be afraid to jump into the conversations of others. This helps people get to know you as a person and can even lead to wonderful business relationships down the line.

3.Add value

People are busy, so find ways to make their life easier or better. Provide helpful information that your target audience will find useful. For instance, if you’re a local business, talk about road closures for that upcoming festival or let people know about that new burger joint in town. Doing this makes you a go-to source of information that people don’t want to miss.

4.Educate people

Instead of bombarding fans and followers with offers, share information about industry trends, best practices and relevant news articles This is a great way to educate potential about your customers about your line of work without overselling.

5.Go behind the scenes

People love getting the inside scoop on things. So, give them a sneak peak into how you make your famous ice cream or share pictures of what your office looks like during brainstorming sessions. Doing these things makes you instantly relatable.

6.Promote others

As surprising as it sounds, promoting others and sharing their content is a great way to build relationships and get attention online. When you talk about others, they often take the time to thank you and perhaps even check out your profile and promote you right back. But, whatever you do, don’t promote others just for the quid pro quo. Do it because you truly believe in that person or business.

7.Share your stuff

Even though you shouldn’t spend all of your time focused on yourself, you definitely SHOULD share your own stuff. That means, if you have a blog, be sure to post it on social media sites. And if you don’t have one, share links to press you’ve received or talk about exciting changes at your company.

OK, so that’s the tips today for your own Social Media. If you have more or better suggestions about this topic, or some puzzles needed to be solved, leave a comment below! We would like to answer any kind of questions about Social Media.

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