Magneto CE 1.9 v/s Magneto CE 2.0

Magneto is the world’s number one e-commerce platform because of its flexibility to boost the online sale by maximizing the gross sale of products. Like other countries in the world, we can see Magneto development India. It helps to extend the platform to provide a unique user experience that adapts fast and keeps an eye on the changing buying patterns of customers.Previously, Magneto 1.9 was working as an e-commerce platform successfully. Now Magneto 2 has been launched with improved features that can help the users in upgrading their business. Some of the improvements and differences between these two e-commerce generations are described below:

Major Differences Between Magneto CE 1.9 & 2.0


Differences Between Magneto CE 1.9 & 2.0




Usage of Modern Technology

The Magneto 2.xis launched with the advanced technology at its core.  It will be using a recent version of PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3.3 as well as latest version of jQuery. Other features include PSR compliance, full page caching, magneto performance toolkit, Apache 2.2 and RequirejS. On the other hand, Magneto 1.9.x includes:

  • SASS/Compass
  • jQuery in rwd package
  • JavaScript libraries
  • Prototype JavaScript library

Magneto Development Company is focusing on the latest technology to make online shopping easier for the consumers.

Simplified Customization

The previous version that is Magneto 1.9.x required the technical knowledge for manipulation of the layout while Magneto 2.x has a simple design that is easy for newbies to understand.  Similarly, it is easier for old clients as well because of the drag and drop interface.  It helps the merchant to modify blocks and containers without any technical know-how.The ultimate goal of Magneto Web Development companies is to provide a platform that the clients can manage easily and run their online business smoothly.

Well Organized Module Structure

The presence of a high coupling code enables the development of a quick and easy relationship between administrator and shop owner. Merchants can change their components according to their requirement. They can apply an implementation separate from Magneto’s core complexity, or the user can use CMS platform.

Modification in Directory Structure

Magneto 2.x has reduced the number of root directories from 9 to 5.  For example, in “pub” mode all the files are present that are available publicly. The system is convenient as compared to magneto 1.9.x.  Some features and tables are absent in Magneto 2. These are:

  • Catalogsearch_ query
  • Catalog search result
  • Catalog product enabled index.

Some of the tables are renamed in new version for example

  • Core website-store website
  • Core translate-translation
  • Core URL rewrite-URL rewrite

Magneto 1.9.x is a flexible structure that has API added retroactively while Magneto 2.x has API that is basic to the technology.Magneto 2.x has launched with a high cost that can be beneficial for the merchandise having high volume sales periods. Magneto is becoming a vital part of the e-commerce industry.  Different countries are purchasing the Magneto to develop an online business or grow their business. Magneto Development Service in India is getting popularity as people are showing more interest in buying online products.

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