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PHP is one of the most favorite web development technologies with a very long list of frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony and cakephp. Out of all, CodeIgniter is the most used framework of PHP because of its small file structure, fast speed and its extensive documentation available at the CodeIgniter official website. In today times web development companies prefer CodeIgniter framework for developing websites through PHP. Codeigiter framework is also a toolkit for people who build websites using PHP, works on MVC (Model View Controller) software architecture which is a great blend of database application (model), User Interface (view) and input/output instructions or acts as manipulator (controller).

Following are Some Advantages of using Codeigniter PHP development for building Websites:

1.  It is very fast, stable, easy to use and setup, lightweight, well documented and reasonably well suited for beginners.

2. Very easy to install and use.

3. Good for applications utilizing multiple platforms.

4. Being open source and simple to configure and customize, make it more significant. It’s 100% free and don’t offer to force you to buy any of products/services. (Unlike Zend Framework)

5. Impressive documentation of the user guide, which makes it easy for any coder to use the whole framework. Its Active Record Implementation is marvellous and highly useful for coders to know more about the working.

6. The collection of libraries for commonly required tasks enables faster development of projects as compared to writing programming codes which makes life of a coder very difficult.

7. Auto loading, built-in data validation, a wide array of helper functions and a DB abstraction model is available so that you can query the database with a few simple lines of code.

In the end we can say with large set of libraries CodeIgniter provides an easy-to-use development interface that facilitates smooth application development.

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