In July, Google Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as a “Not Secure”.  Currently Google Chrome is just showing a information icon for all HTTP sites, but with the version 68 Chrome will warn with extra notification in address bar. Chrome currently marks HTTPS sites with a green lock icon with “Secure” sign.

See Example below of Current and upcoming Google Chrome version.


What is HTTPS ? 

HTTPS is a secure version of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and the ‘S’ stands for Secure.It is a standard security technology for ensuring secure communication between a user’s browser and a web server. It is often recognized as showing a green address bar or padlock in the browser window to indicate a secure connection.

Why are the benefits of HTTPS?

  • Establishes Trust and Builds Brand Power
  • Provides Encryption of Sensitive Information
  • Protects You From Cybercriminals
  • Provides Authentication
  • More Transparency
  • Improved Conversion Rates
  • Help for boosting search rankings and getting more traffic

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