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No doubt, everyone eyes for creative design for their website. But its really difficult to get targeted traffic into conversions. To attract relevant traffic to your website your message plays vital role. You should ensure about the positioning of content, Site description, newsletter, Blogs, links and forums. You must need to understand the purpose of your website, is it – Informational website, Ecommerce website, Lead Generation Website and so on.

Know your Site Goals

  • Should be Realistic and Measurable
  • You need to take care of few small but vital roles while designing and laying out wire-frames for your website.

1. Elements of trust: Never forget about including About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer as this builds sincerity on visitors.

2. Professional: Make sure your site have professional looks. First glance of your website should reflect about the quality of your website as this adds a lot of credibility to the site.

3. Proper Site structure: Arrange your content in such a way no matter whether you using CSS or tables for site design it should be easy for visitors that they can move from one section to another section of the site without any confusion.

4. Load Fast: Today, no one like to wait as the next site is a click away, so be sure your website loads fast as you can lose potential customer if your website works slow.

5. Target right Audience with Right message: State your business clearly. Give what your visitors what they looking for.

6. Use pictures/banners relevant to your services so that they don’t distract your visitors.

These seem short and simple steps but plays vital role. After doing these changes you should analyze the change as Measuring Conversions is key by:

1. More queries from contact us
2. New account Sign ups
3. Number of hits to your website
4. Number of downloads
5. Page views and time spent.
6. Returning visitors – Most important
7. Analyze Sales volume
8. News Letter Sign up.

At last as we know Converting visitors into customers and then repeat business is real conversation.

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