A good SEO practice for your blog can help you to spread your content as well as provides you a lot of exposure and make an impact on large number of visitors to your whole site. With the new SEO standards it becomes very difficult to tell search engines that our webpage is worthy. In past SEO was stuffing your landing page with keywords to get higher traffic as well as promote their site in search engines.

Content Optimization Techniques:

  1. Optimize content for users and NOT bots: – Content is the king of internet in terms of marketing. The important thing is use of your content to inform users so always write a content that should be unique and one can easily understand. Good content relay the information to the end users straightforward and simple way. Good content can be combination of text, images and videos. Links also allow search engines to index your webpage and increases the rankings of your website. Firstly, write content for users and then optimize it for search engine. Always remember that without a good SEO practice it is impossible for the user to find your content on the web.
  2. Avoid Duplicate Content: – The content on a particular page of the website should be unique. Sometimes unique content might be considered as duplicate due to the use of CSS and templates. Bloggers don’t realize what has happened to their blog traffic. Creating duplicate content decreases the ranking of your site because search engine believe that you are trying to play with the system by pretending to create new content.
  3. Don’t Over Optimize Keywords: – Optimization of keywords is very good for SEO practice but do not over optimize keywords. Over-optimization means when keyword count raise above a level and content on the page become meaningless that seems like something a robot would subscribe to. Search engines penalized users who have done keyword stuffing in their website so avoid over-optimization by keeping keywords down to a dull roar that can be swallowed up in general flow.
  4. Share Always on Social Media: – The best way to promote your content is pushing your content on social media with which search engine can find your page and drive more traffic to your site. Present and share your link on social media sites that will gives ability to add more links without spamming. This is time consuming way of promoting content and engaging audience in discussions.

While Optimize your site properly you need to value user not the bots. For this you have to write a good content which will be appreciated by visitors and they visit your website again that means long term traffic. Optimizing above mentioned methods will make your blog more popular in search engine.

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