Making 3D floor plan is the most important step in home decoration. For this we need to make a very careful and calculated decision because this is going to be the biggest investment of our life. Estate agents paper details are very well maintained but they don’t tell us a true story of how the property looks and feels. Floor plans have become increasing popular with estate agents to give us a better idea of the layout of a property. A floor plan in architecture is a diagram, usually to scale, of the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one level of a structure.

Architecture drawings:

Architects used architectural drawings  for a number of purposes:

  • To develop a design idea.
  • To communicate ideas and concepts.
  • To convince clients of the merits of a design.
  • To enable a building contractor to construct it.
  • To make a record of a building that already exists.

Defining 2D and 3D floor plans:

A 2D floor plan is a drawing of the home, showing us what a room, home, or house looks like from above; almost like an aerial view into the home.  For the most part, 2D floor plans represent outlines of a home and show wall lines and the location of windows and doors.

A 3D floor plan goes one step further; it adds raised walls and elevations, and often colors and furnishings. 3D visualization enables viewers to grasp the image faster than through abstract drawings, lines and figures.

3D architectural floor plans over 2D floor plans:

  1. For most individuals, 2D blueprints and floor plans are just confusing lines on a page. 3D Virtual Tour made from 2D blueprints, which transformed 2D home plans into beautiful 3D floor plan images. These 3D images create a 3D virtual tour of our custom floor plans.
  2. 2D floor plans are all very well, but there are also an increasing number of tools that make 3D modeling, a technology once only available to professional architects, now available to all-comers.
  3. In 2D we work on length and width to animate an object by varying its relative shape. In 3D, we work in a depth perspective as well so that the object assumes a more realistic appearance through the manipulation of shading and the vanishing point.


Finally, we can improve our home plan by adding dimensions and texts to it print it along with the 3D view. So, 3D floor plans are the easiest way to create and share interactive floor plans over the 3D floor plans.

Please visit the portfolio section Portfolio to see some 3D samples.

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