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Are you tough enough to accept a 30-day life-changing challenge?

Life is not all about business, but definitely, what you experienced or you learned in your daily life can help you manage your business or your work better.

Can you imagine that one day, you have to live a life without ‘car’, ’mobile phone’, ‘Windows OS’, or ‘Social Media’? You may say ’Dude, come on, impossible, it’s gonna kill me! ’

The Other day I was reading a book which influenced me to write about this article today. The name of the book is ‘Try something NEW in 30 days, written by Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Web spam team or maybe the most famous individual in SEO field

I suppose his initial idea was just to have some fun or just entertain himself, nevertheless, as time goes on, things changed …He started to ponder over how these kind of behavior can help him figure out his life better and then, more challenges accepted!

Life is a comedy to him who thinks and a tragedy to him who feels.

Based on his experience which I read in his private blog, I would like to share this story with my fellow colleagues at Negains. Hopefully someone can be inspired like me and build a new professional habit which will excel oneself in his/her life, work, or at home.

So here I go…

Initially, Matt Cutts took the challenge of walking 10,000 steps a day for 30 days. He didn’t walk 10K steps every day, but he did keep at it until he’d walked over 10K steps for at least 30 days.@Then he put forward a vote to his blog readers to see what kind of challenge he should take in the next 30 days, the overwhelming winner in his 30 day poll was “Bike to work”,@so any time he headed into the Googleplex during July, he rode a bike.

Then, he transformed his habit of one month’s experience, and begun to use it in otherwork related challengesClike comparison between Android app and IOS app, to which he wrote:

  1. For the iPhone, I found a program for $3 called MotionX-GPS that does a very solid job of recording times and GPS tracks.
  2. ‘But the best program I found was for Android. It’s called My Tracks and it’s free. It’s better than MotionX-GPS for a couple reasons. First, in addition to “total time,” the My Tracks application also tracks “moving time.” In other words, if you’re stuck at a traffic light, your “total time” keeps counting but your “moving time” doesn’t. Second, the My Tracks application can easily upload your GPS track to a Google Map.’

As Smart phones occupy more and more important position in humans’ life, everything can be app-related. But meanwhile, Matt Cutts considered that we were kidnapped by Iphones or Android Phones, so he decided to get rid of his own phone for 30 days!

But still , as an IT professional, let’s hear something more from Matt Cutts about his judgement between Andoid and IOS, the hottest topic and battle in this age.

‘Do I still miss a few things on the iPhone? Absolutely. For example, the iPhone makes it easy to take a snapshot of the screen — just press the power and home button at the same time. The iPhone fits 20 apps on the home screen instead of 16 on the Nexus One

The iPhone is praised for its fit-and-finish. But glitches happen on the iPhone too. I went back to check on something a few weeks ago and the iPhone browser kept dying and kicking me back out to the home screen.

Overall, I would still rate the iPhone higher on fit and finish, and the iPhone is simpler for a non-tech-savvy person to understand. But polish and simplicity aren’t the most important things to me as a phone user. I want maximum functionality, and the velocity of Android in that area has been staggering. Going from the G1 to the Nexus One in about a year is amazing. I can’t wait to see what new things show up in Android.’

He started with another meaningful challenge to read 15 books in one month , it seems impossible! But let’s check it out…

‘Not too badly–I made it through 12 books. I could probably have squeezed in three more books, but I’d rather take my time and enjoy books than artificially force things for a deadline. I’ll make up those last three books later.’

Books are the stepping stones to human progress , from the phrase above , what I want to declare is reading should be made enjoyable and not based on a deadline. But as too many fresh stuffs online has distracted us from focusing on one thing, reading is definitely a good way to help us live in peace, and what’s more, no matter what kind vocation you are taking, a man can never have too many new knoeledge!

Well, among all these challenges, the most challenging one I supposed may be’No Microsoft Software’!

Cause you have to admit that since you started to use the computer as a common tool, your screen has been occupied by Microsoft’s logo. But what Matt Cutts want to do is to get rid of Windows OS and to the arms of Ubuntu , the most famous Linux OS. And he seemed really enjoyable and will keep this habit for a long time

‘For October, I’m not going to use any Microsoft software. No Microsoft operating systems (WinXP, Vista, or Windows 7) and no Microsoft Office allowed.

I don’t plan to switch to Apple, although I might try a Mac for a week. Apple products are polished and usable, so why not switch to Apple? That would be a much longer blog post. Apple makes great design decisions for the majority of people, but if you don’t like a particular decision, it can be very difficult to change it.

Another big reason is just that I’m huge believe in free and open-source software, and I want to support that sort of software.

Despite the ‘Smart-Phone-Addictive’, ‘Social-Network-Addictive’ is also getting more and more horrible in our daily lives. Let’s see what did Matt Cutts do to abandon this nuisance completely with diverse of tips and methods.

  1. Tweeted that I was doing the digital cleanse and changed my Bio line to mention that I was doing the digital cleanse.
  2. Removed all Twitter apps from my mobile phone.
  3. Removed the Twitter and FriendFeed shortcuts from Chrome’s new tab page.
  4. Hard-coded a bunch of websites so that I can’t even access them.

Social Media is awesome and epoch-making, but at the same time, it takes us too much time to just check out a lot of spamming messages which are useless to your job and life.

I really appreciate what Matt Cutts has done in these months, he is a tough guy, coz he has the courage and willpower to persist in his promise and learn from these experiences.

I will set off and start my own wonderful trip of ’30-day challenge’ now, what about you? If you have any good ideas or suggestions, leave me a message below!

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