• 20 Jul 0

    SEO Industry Survey Results – 2010 by SEOmoz team

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    The SEOmoz Team made a particular and reasonable survey to analyze the industry of SEO in 2010. As with the last surveyThe SEO Industry Survey Results for 2008, there are a number of caveats to take into consideration when looking at the data and conclusions that follow. In particular: It’s an online survey and it […]

  • 23 Jun 0

    Trails Toward Better On Page Optimization

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    Creating amazing websites for clients not only require talented developers and designers but also sharp SEO tricks for better on-page optimization. Let me share some tricks I found during my research on “On Page Optimization” especially for web developers or  web designers to dig in SEO into your projects. Site Engineering Factors: URL Format- Short […]

  • 16 Jun 0

    5 Inklings to optimize search engine content to keep it user interactive

    In SEO Services

    Yesterday at lunch while a short conversation with my colleague who is from Netgains Development Team (involved in SEO implementation), we were debating over the topic of the day “Content writing v.s SEO”. After the end of the discussion I felt I need to write about this for my other fellow developers. So conventionally when […]

  • 18 Apr 0

    SEO War: Google Vs Bing

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    The war between the search engines and their SEO strategies continues! However, this time, it has only grown intense with Microsoft’s new search engine release, Bing. Although released just over a year ago, Bing has successfully managed to power itself with 30% of the market share by following a few strategies. The search engine followed […]

  • 12 Apr 0

    SEO techniques for programmers

    In SEO Services

    There is no doubt about that SEO plays the critical role in success and failure of any business on Internet world and it is one of the most influential driving force of Online Business. We decided to pen down some basic but important SEO techniques & facts for programmers so they can help SEO team […]

  • 15 Dec 0

    How to Optimize your website Performance on Internet

    In Internet Marketing, SEO Services

    Too often as developers, we ignore a crucial last step before launching a website: optimizing for performance. Most developers now recognize that organized, valid code ensures maintainability and compatibility. Just as preparing our code to be read by other developers is important, so is preparing our code to be read by browsers. Great web development […]

  • 19 Aug 1

    How can you optimize your videos on your website?

    In SEO Services, Social Media Optimization

    How can you optimize your videos on your website? Personal video has become one of the most powerful content online as in websites or various blogs. The major issues everyone faces is how to get the content inside the video optimized for the search engine. We have found a great video demonstrating the same and […]

  • 25 Mar 0

    What it takes to dominate the Search Engine Charts?

    In SEO Services

    SEO (search engine optimization) is the process for designing your website in a way that it will show higher in search engine rankings. An optimized website can obtain huge rewards for your website and your business. Search engine optimization provides numerous benefits: • Your website will be found – through relevant keywords and phrases. • […]