• 8 Nov 0

    Data Entry Outsourcing Services Company in INDIA

    In Big Data, BPO Outsourcing Services, Business, Inbound Marketing, Internet Marketing

    Online Data Entry Outsourcing Services Company in INDIA. Everyday data is generated in multiple forms: Paper, Images, Workbooks/sheets, PDF and many more. Many data entry outsourcing companies or business find it very difficult to manage their own data on day to day basis especially if the data is in physical form like paper. We are Netgains […]

  • 20 Sep 5

    Which Indian Payment Gateway/Merchant is Right for Your e-Store?

    In Business, Ecommerce Development

    Payment gateways are crucial elements for eCommerce/Online e-Stores which allows customers/users to process secure online transactions via their Credit/Debit Cards. A bad payment gateway can lead to decline in the total sales of any company and further loss in business and customers/users. We here by are listing one of the top 3 payment merchant solutions […]

  • 22 Mar 14

    Round one: Google Cloud (GCP) vs Amazon Cloud (AWS)

    In Big Data, Business, Web Hosting

    Google Cloud Platform (GCP) vs Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a hot topic of discussion among various experts these days. There are lot of theories and facts describing various pros and cons on both these cloud platforms. We have decided to put our understanding below with some fact finding so you can decide which platform […]

  • 12 Jan 16

    Secure your Website with HTTPS and SSL

    In Business, Web Hosting

    Why do you need HTTPS and SSL? SSL is called Secure Socket Layer which is present between application layer (web server) and transport layer (channel). SSL encryption is a must to secure our website when we transmit sensitive data like filling up forms, Credit card details, login, register and passwords. If someone wants to break […]

  • 22 Apr 0

    A spectre is haunting the Internet – the spectre of Tyranny

    In Business

    If President Obama has his way the keys to the Internet will be handed over to some form of foreign entity. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers aka Icann was founded by the US government in 1998. Icann controls and sets the policy for the Internet making sure it remains free and connecting users […]

  • 4 Oct 1

    How to Manage a Project?

    In Business

    Managing Projects can be as challenging and daunting as winning them. But if backed up by a proper plan and a process, chances are that things would never go haywire. Every client is important and every project is crucial. A project, if not handled or accomplished properly, can debase your reputation and prove inimical to your company’s health.

  • 25 Sep 2

    How to retain employees? 6 creative strategies for employee retention

    In Business

    Retaining employees is the most crucial role any organization has to play to keep the work force intact and productive. Otherwise high employee turnover costs might have a detrimental impact on the company.

  • 8 Aug 0

    Better Website Design and Better Conversation Rates.

    In Business, Web Design

    No doubt, everyone eyes for creative design for their website. But its really difficult to get targeted traffic into conversions. To attract relevant traffic to your website your message plays vital role. You should ensure about the positioning of content, Site description, newsletter, Blogs, links and forums.

  • 26 Mar 1

    How to do Ping and Traceroute for Windows and Mac

    In Business

    Ping is a utility that you use to determine whether or not a specific IP address is accessible. Ping works by sending a packet to a specified address and waiting for a reply. Ping command will tell you whether your server is accessible or not.Below you will learn how to do ping and traceroute for Windows and Mac.

  • 24 Feb 0

    How Formal Should a Business Text Be?

    In Business

    SMS messaging, or texting, is a relatively young medium. Business use of texts is even newer, which creates questions for many people. While guides abound on writing a business letter, very little instruction exists on how to contact someone via BBM. The biggest question most people have about business text messaging is, how formal should […]