Development Services

TensorFlow Consulting

Tensorflow is an open source platform available for machine learning. It provides a wide range of workflows to develop models.

At Netgains, we assist large and mid-sized companies with Tensorflow development to leverage one of the most loved and extensively adopted ML platforms in the industry.

Why hire TensorFlow Developers for you?

Easy model building

Tensorflow offers various levels of options to choose from. We build and train models by leveraging high-end Kera APIs to make your journey with TensorFlow and machine learning smooth. Given more flexibility, eager execution enables immediate and intuitive debugging. While for larger ML training tasks, we make use of the Distribution Strategy API on different hardware configurations without altering the model definition.

Multiple-platform support

We utilize TensorFlow to build and train machine learning models over several platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOs, and much more. It can be run on multiple CPUs, Mobile operating systems, and TPUs. Aso, the TensorFlow models could easily be deployed on the cloud, in the browser, and on-device.

Powerful experimentation for research

Robust models could be built and train without the loss of speed and performance with TensorFlow. Features such as Keras functional APIs and Model Subclassing API offer flexibility and control for creating complex models. Powerful and robust add-ons including Ragged Tensors, Tensor2Tensor, and BERT, could also be supported by TensorFlow.

Multiple languages support

A variety of programming languages are on the list with TensorFlow development. Some of the renowned APIs are induced with languages such as Python, C++, Java, Swift, and JavaScript.

A boundless list of Libraries and Extensions

We leverage a wide range of libraries and extensions provided by Tensorflow to access domain-specific application packages, accelerating workflows, to build advanced models. All these tools and libraries offered are domain-specific and assist us in resolving complex challenges.

At Netgains, we just not only offer Tensorflow development and the best consulting services but we also render exceptional support and post-project assistance. Our team possesses the expertise for the development of core deep learning algorithms of the Keras models running on TensorFlow. By leveraging the offered libraries and extensions, we make it possible for your project to stand out while delivering optimum performance and speed.