IT Transformational

Legacy IT transformation

It is often difficult for organizations working on complex legacy environments to keep up with the pace of digital business change.

Without a doubt, in order to maintain a competitive edge, you should mutate legacy applications and technology infrastructure into digitally run organizations.

Challenges that legacy working brought:

How Netgains help out clients for the integral transformation

We assist companies through our legacy transformation services to remodel into digital enterprises while delivering a seamless customer experience to drives higher engagements and revenue, improving productivity, and decimating business costs. We emphasize three key areas for executing digital transformation:

Application Modernization

Legacy applications generally considered the roadblocks in business success are a drain to the business hindering the market speed and driving up the costs. Application Modernization services at Netgains will enable your business to eliminate such stumbling blocks by implementing event-driven frameworks, lightweight coding, hybrid or structured database systems, and a user-friendly & high-performing frontend.

Offerings include:

Cloud Transformation

Promising Cloud Solutions have quickly emerged as a key driver as it bestows the benefits of the highly secure, accessible, and scalable product with maximum uptime at the lowest costs. Our cloud services offer a viable and scalable solution to enable your business to adopt a cloud-first and cloud-only approach for your current and future applications & products. Our seamless deployment and transformation will render an intact roadmap for your cloud onboarding without any hiccups.

Offerings include:

Data Modernization

Handling data and data related operations could be daunting with conventional processes, data ingestion, data quality, and data testing. Our profound Data Modernization team will assist in enhancing your business agility by implementing an optimal data architecture, improving process times, and efficient management of your data on the cloud.

Offerings include:

Technology Upgrade

Rest assured if you have your system developed in one of the traditional web development technologies and operating systems. Our technology upgrade services have your back and will assist to upgrade with contemporary technologies, libraries, and structured databases.

Approach Netgains today, for a comprehensive, strategic, and technical assessment for legacy transformation.

Technology Upgrade

We believe, to cope up with the demands of the modern digital transformation economy, businesses have to cease their dependency on outdated software; rather should modernize their core technologies. You could only reap enduring benefits only when you stop escorting modernization as a one-time project but embrace it as a cycle.

Our legacy transformation emphasizes upgrading your business platforms in a controlled manner from analyzing the current solution, developing a robust business strategy leveraging the latest architecture solutions.