Data Digitization Services

Since data and information in all formats should possess the same efficiency, Data digitization plays a crucial role when data processing, storage, and transformation is concerned. Data Digitization may be explained as the transformation of the analog data to the digital or digital representation with the goal to digitize and automate the processes and workflows.

Why you should opt for Data Digitization:

Document Digitization process at Netgains:

Identifying your requirements:

Our team comprehensively understands your exact requirements and works upon building an adequate model to reap exceptional outcomes.

Collecting and aligning documents

We collect the data and documents from the customers at this stage and segment them for executing the further digitization process.

Scanning and transferring to digital formats

All the aligned data is scanned and saved as an image file. The scanned documents are then converted into text files by leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Our expert proofreaders, then check all the data manually before converting it into the required digital format.

Indexing, Organizing, and delivery of the final data

We save the Documents with detailed file names to easily retrieve them for future use. Before running the quality check, we organize the documents into separate or combined PDFs as per your requirement and deliver you the error-free final data to you.

How do our Data Digitization services stand out?

Higher Accuracy

Our professional team members are dedicated enough to handle any type of data digitization projects while utilizing our continuous monitoring and training sessions.

Extremely fast delivery

We ensure the project completion within given timelines along with the fastest delivery to our clients.

High-end Quality

At Netgains, we follow a structured and unique quality assurance approach to ensure state-of-the-art quality for our projects.


Our so far satisfied clients have been offered affordable and competitive pricing models for their Data Digitization projects. You can bank on Netgains for a cheaper yet effective Data Digitization for your enterprise.

Stringent data security measures

In the data-driven era, we comprehend the security threats associated with the precious data of your organizations. Our working models and the involved workflows are designed in such a way to render high-class data security to our clients.

Multiple backups

There is always a risk associated with digital data loss. Hence, we offer multiple backup plans to the customers to prevent data losses at any stage. Availing our Data Digitization services will not only aid in saving your precious time and efforts but also ensures the documented safety and security for any threat and misplacements. A plethora of clients has been satisfied with our business terms and the successful completion of their entire Data Digitization projects by our dedicated and skilled manpower.