Data and AI

We assist organizations to create new business models and revenue streams while ensuring security, quality and regulatory compliance of their prestigious data. Backed by technologies such as the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and advanced analytics, Netgain solutions help enhance decision making while enabling augmented intelligence and process automation.

In addition, Wipro’s crowd-powered consulting helps secure innovation and scale programs to deliver tangible results.

Our Data and Artificial Intelligence Solutions include:

Internet of Things

Leveraging IoT could uncloak a wide range of virtual opportunities for your business growth. At Netgains we assist our clients to capitalize on IoT technology and solutions and linking technology via an effective holistic business model. Our IoT team at Netgains will embed your business model by arming it with dynamic predictive data analytics leveraging IoT capability in order to deliver unprecedented performance.

Cloud services

Cloud services at Netgains encompass a highly intuitive self-service portal for seamless monitoring and management of resources on the cloud. Our client’s business remains our top priority to render a comprehensive suite of cloud services embedded with 24/7 technical assistance and support.


We just not only offer Tensorflow development and the best consulting services but we also render exceptional support and post-project assistance. Our team possesses the expertise for the development of core deep learning algorithms of the Keras models running on TensorFlow. By leveraging the offered libraries and extensions, we make it possible for your project to stand out while delivering optimum performance and speed.

Legacy IT transformation

Our legacy transformation emphasizes upgrading your business platforms in a controlled manner from analyzing the current solution, developing a robust business strategy leveraging the latest architecture solutions.

Data Digitization Services

Data Digitization is the transformation of analog data to the digital or digital representation with the goal to digitize and automate the processes and workflows. A plethora of clients have been satisfied with our business terms and the successful completion of their entire Data Digitization projects by our dedicated and skilled manpower.

Data analytics & visualization

Our team analyzes your data in-depth and makes serene efforts to push the boundaries of traditional business intelligence to position your enterprise for transforming your data into information that elevates business insights and operational excellence while rendering a competitive advantage.